XiTRACK is a unique polyurethane ballast reinforcement product developed by Balfour Beatty to solve track quality problems.

XiTRACK works by applying controlled amounts of liquid polyurethane onto the ballast surface. The polymer runs through the ballast and sets within a few seconds.

The result is a layer of reinforced ballast with pre-designed engineering properties and thickness.

  • Gives ballast designed engineering properties – ballast no longer behaves as a loose granular material but as a geocomposite
  • 3-Dimensional reinforcement – a geogrid at every level and every direction
  • Ductile stiffness and strength – capable of withstanding repeated train loading
  • Minimal track work to install – options for installing with track in-situ and accommodating track maintenance
  • Fixes track horizontally – no more alignment problems
  • Reduces variation in trackbed stiffness
  • Improved ride quality
  • Reduces voiding
  • Long service life
  • Fast curing time
  • Ballast remains free draining
  • Environmentally safe

XiTRACK ® is used to solve a number of track quality issues, eliminating persistent and recurring maintenance problems XiTRACK ® captures the existing ballast stones in a cage of strong, tough, durable polyurethane – a simple process backed up with laboratory development and design calculations enabling the ballast layer to act as an engineering structure.

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