Creating a ballast and polymer geocomposite allows recurring track problems to be designed out.

Ballast has no tensile strength. Adding a tensile component to ballast provides you with the opportunity to eliminate costly Track Maintenance and reliability problems. We provide you with advice where it can be appropriately applied.

XiTRACK is used to:

  • Increase lateral stability of track to prevent buckles or movement
  • Increase track fixity in areas of tight clearance
  • Increase the strength and life of masonry arch bridges
  • Provide transitions where track stiffness changes
  • Provide an alternative to slab track
  • Reduce track construction depth

Applying a designed polymer to railway ballast creates a geocomposite structure with tensile and compressive properties. The mechanical properties such as elasticity and resilience are tailored to the problem being solved.

  • Does not affect the drainage properties of the ballast
  • Designed for your need
  • Proposals are supported by a business case or cost and benefits assessment
  • Cures rapidly minimising track access requirements
  • Improves reliability
  • Reduces maintenance interventions

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