omnisurveyor OmniSurveyor 3D

Immerse yourself in your network from the safety of your desktop.

Our image and laser based surveying system enables users to survey, model and condition assess their network infrastructure for design, operations or maintenance purposes.

Organisations can quickly access any section of their network without having to leave the office. This reduces the number of on-site visits with associated improvements in safety and reduction in cost, time and carbon emissions.

OmniSurveyor3D is easy to use and has a number of useful features, allowing clients to undertake planning, design, surveying and inspection from the safety of the office through the use of positioned imagery and laser point clouds.

All data has a spatial and linear position and can be exported to use with many third party products such as CAD, word processors, databases and geographical information systems.

Omnicom Balfour Beatty maintains an image/geospatial library of the entire UK rail network which is available to all supported OmniSurveyor3D users. The library is updated with every new survey.

  • Accurate multi-point measurements
  • Asset database for inventory
  • Virtual models for ‘to-be’ design visualisation and validation
  • Exportable route learning exportable data videos
  • Significant reductions in the need for track visits, increasing safety and reducing costs
  • Reduction in the use of safety-critical resources and maintenance vehicles
  • Increased rail network safety for employees and contractors
  • Greater understanding of the network and asset locations
  • Improved asset and resource utilisation
  • Greater stakeholder engagement, both internal and external

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