Lightweight, industry recognised portable measurement device incorporating platform edge capability.

The lasersweep TM has long been a trusted and versatile portable measurement device used by rail operators including Network Rail, London Underground and Rail consultancies.

The device is a portable measurement system for determining the spatial position of railway structures and features with reference to the rails. Its output is used to determine clearances on both mainline networks and metro systems in accordance with GI/RT7073/1 “Requirements for the Position of Infrastructure and for Defining and Maintaining Clearances”.

The LaserSweep TM has a proven record of reliability and performance within its field. The system is rail mounted and designed to enable the user to undertake fast and accurate spatial measurements of a range of railway infrastructure. This includes tunnels, Overbridges, underbridges, platforms, signals, station canopies and discrete points such as OLE and cable brackets plus platform edge measurements.

The LaserSweep system is supplied with a rugged PDA as standard, which is installed with the LaserSweep TM operating software and features Bluetooth® connectivity. When combined with the lithium internal battery, this ensures a cable free measurement system highly suited to the rail environment.

Full profiles, part profiles and single points can easily be captured, ensuring efficient use of time on track.

The output from the LaserSweep TM is directly compatible with Balfour Beatty Rail’s ClearRouteTM 2 software, for analysis and investigation of vehicle clearances following the survey.

  • Approved by Network Rail and London Underground
  • Improved setting-out software
  • Battery life indicator
  • Lightweight plastic header unit and arm
  • Improved plastic arm
  • External charging point
  • 6+ hours of continuous usage through its internal Lithium ion battery
  • Rugged GETAC PDA – IP68 Rating
  • Lightweight – approx. 10kg
  • Suitable for use in third rail electrified environments
  • Ability to capture platform edge measurements
  • Datum plate measurement adaptor
  • All-weather operation
  • Day or night time use
  • Excellent reflectivity ensures reliable profile measurement
  • Imports files directly into ClearRouteTM 2
  • Improved handling capability

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