Embedded Rail Solutions

Normally, high speed track has to be concreted with the rails in position. The very high manufactured tolerances of the system and the new, temporary-clipped lid ensure the correct track alignment is set without needing the rails in place.

Tests on the system undertaken at the Technical University of Munich and on test tracks in Spain and the UK, show exceptional static and dynamic spring characteristics and bi-axial load fatigue performance. It gives superior gauge retention with no pad deterioration or performance loss after 4.7 million cycles of fatigue loading. The resilience meets the current Deutsche Bahn AG requirements for slab track.

The system is ideal for high-speed passenger, heavy haul freight and mixed traffic railways, metros, light rail and for tunnels, viaducts and open route. The pad resilience can be tuned to meet each client’s requirements for ride quality, noise and vibration.

  • Integral broken rail containment
  • Integral derailment prevention
  • Buckle-proof rail containment at all temperatures
  • Lowest system height for improved clearances (370mm)
  • Configurable to reduce airborne noise and ground borne vibration
  • Environmental drainage control and easier cleaning
  • Unique rail head stability

Compared to traditional track forms…

  • Up to 90 % reduction in the number of components required
  • An installed cost approaching that of ballasted track
  • Up to 50% increase in rail life
  • A 70% reduction in the use of quarried aggregates
  • An 80% reduction in inspection and maintenance costs
  • A 50% reduction in risk of track related fatalities
  • Increased operational availability and capacity

Balfour Beatty has developed, for supply to railway clients, main contractors and track installers, an embedded rail system, invented by Charles Penny. It provides greater safety, performance and availability, with lower maintenance and reduced whole life costs.

The rail is continuously supported in an elastomeric pad and a fibre-reinforced plastic shell. The system enables an efficient, low profile, reinforced concrete track slab. Initial installation using either slipform or pre-cast concrete is both fast and economical.

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